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  • Flame retardant nylon construction
  • Reinforced webbing and handles
  • Nylon Carry stuff sack
  • Multi coloured


Parachute Ping Pong

  • Players stand and hold a parachute on opposite ends.
  • A ping pong ball is placed onto the chute.
  • The object of the game is to get the ping pong ball to fall off the other team's side.

Treasure Under The Sea

  • Place a variety of 'treasures' (anything you want) into a treasure box under the parachute.
  • Make waves (above) as if in a Sea Storm.
  • Call out names and send ‘divers’ to retrieve called out items one by one from the box. 

Roller Ball

Have all players holds the chute stretched tightly.  Place a large ball near the edge.   The object of this game is to try to make the ball roll around the edge of the chute.

 To do this someone starts the ball rolling. As it comes towards you, you lower the edge you are holding, and as it goes past you raise your edge.

When all the players do this smoothly, a wave is created that goes round the edge, pushing the ball in a steady circle. It can not be done without concentration and co-operation!

 Tip: This game also need practice and co-operation. When mastered it can be a lot of fun! Try speeding up - or change direction.