Q. How do I create and account?

A. You can either fill up your cart and then create an account during your check out.  However if you are entitled to a school discount the best way to create an account is to click on the account button, create your account using your school email address, log out and then log back in.  Any discounts you are entitled to will now show up when you view a product. 


Q. Why am I not seeing my discounted school prices? 

A. You need to log in (or create an account, then log out and log back in) using your school email address in order to see your school discounted prices.  


Q. I am logged in and still not seeing the discounts I think I should be, what do I do? 

A. Please contact the store and we will review your account to make sure it is profiled correctly.  


Q. I am in the checkout screen and not seeing the discounts I expected.  What do I do? 

A. Make sure you are logged in before you checkout.  If not simply return to your cart and your discounts will be applied.  Alternatively, make sure you are logged in before you start filling up your cart and then you will see the correct prices during your entire session. 


Q. I don't want to use my school email as my login, can I use my personal email? 

A. Yes you can.  Set up your account and then email us so we can set up your account manually and then you can start placing orders with your correct discounts.