Welcome to Team Stores!

This online platform is an amazing tool for team managers, coaches and teachers to organize equipment and apparel sales for their teams or institutions! We take on the admin work so you can focus on getting your team game ready.

Don’t see your association listed below? Contact us today to find out more about setting up your own team store.

How it Works

This is a great hands-off approach to apparel ordering and distribution. Chat with an Athletic Solutions associate to get started.

Once it's determined that a team store is your best option, we work together to decide on what products to offer, when to have the store open, what minimums need to be met, how the orders will be sorted, and how the product delivery (in-store pick up, ship-to-customer, etc.) will take place.

Then we can set up the online store. A simple store can be set up in a day or two, but more complex online stores can take over a week to set up.

It’s important to note that this is not an eCommerce store that is open all the time. It allows teams and schools to place a “group order” without the hassle of chasing money or losing paper order forms. We are also able to handle multiple delivery methods depending on the receivers’ preference. We can also sell any product we carry through your team store.

This is a very versatile tool with many features to assist in team management and orders including:

  • Collection and distribution of funds (including fundraising initiatives)
  • Customer sorting
  • Bundles or mandatory packages
  • Order detail collection
  • Payment processing
  • Player management

Brands we Carry

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