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Athletic Solutions

At Al Anderson’s Source for Sports we understand what it takes to play sports at any level, so in 2005 we created Athletic Solutions.

As a division of Al Anderson’s Source for Sports established in 2005, our 10-person team is dedicated to providing equipment, uniforms and apparel to teams, associations and institutions.

We work with coaches, teachers and team managers across Saskatchewan to ensure they have what they need to support our young athletes as they grow.

Source for Sports

We Know Our Stuff

In the late 1960s, a collection of sporting goods stores in Southwestern Ontario decided to buy as a group, allowing them to create better value for their customers. This buying group grew to become the brand we know today as Source For Sports, and has over 150 retail locations across Canada.

The beauty of Source For Sports is found in the way each store connects with their local community. Every Canadian knows that while we are all proud to be part of the True North Strong and Free, each community from coast to coast is unique, be it a quaint small town or a vast metropolis. Source For Sports stores are independently owned and operated, meaning store owners can customize their sport categories, products, and services to cater to the needs of the community they call home. We mean that literally, too, as many of our store owners grew up in the communities they now serve. It's due to this homegrown connection that many of our stores support local teams, tournaments, and initiatives to give back whenever they can.

Not only are the people in our stores locals, but they're athletes as well. When we say We Know Our Stuff, we mean it. From playing to coaching, our owners and staff members have a love for the sports they sell, and with that experience and passion comes a great deal of knowledge to help you find 'the right gear for your game, at the right price.

Through partnerships with industry-leading brands and manufacturers, we can properly test out new products on the ice or field before bringing them to our stores. This means our members can give you a description of the fit and feel of the gear you're trying on, rather than simply a summary of the tech specs. At Source For Sports, we know that there's a perfect fit for every athlete, and we do everything we can to help find that fit for every individual that visits us across the country.

Come visit us at Al Andersons's Source For Sports and Athletic Solutions to learn more about what we do to Elevate Your Game.