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The QUED brand Crash Mat has been breaking falls for over 50 years. The quality foam core provides a surface that gives both a stabilizing and cushionning effect. This high performing mat is made with the strongest materials on the market which imparts long-lasting trouble-free use. QUED has supplied these mats to a diverse mix, from Scholastic to Recreational to Climbing to Stunt Performers to Performance arts, this mat is proven winner for controlled impact and program safety. 

  • The crash Mat is a landing surface that combines extra heavy-duty materials and sturdy construction to withstand repeated impacts.
  • Features include a durable 0.61 kg/sq.m. (18 oz/sq.yd) fire resistant vinyl covering a 30 ILD 8 in. to 30 in. thick polyurethane foam.
  • A smooth uniform seamless surface and durable construction this mat is made for reducing stressful impact.
  • Lattice foam construction for thicknesses greater than 12 in. for added cushioning.
  • Finishing includes zipper closure, mesh side panels or venting portals, reinforced corners and carry handles for convenience.
  • Choose from a wide range of standard sizes or custom made for you needs.
  • Options include : Velcro, folds, cut-outs and full range choice of color.